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Rewards App, BOUNZ is the region’s new exciting customer loyalty program. Collect and spend BOUNZ across our Partners and live a life of rewards!

  • Connect

    Download the app and create an account in seconds, using your mobile number; complete your profile and select your interests.

  • Collect

    Get BOUNZ on everyday spends, online and offline interactions across our partners, and even referrals.

  • Cherish

    Spend your BOUNZ across our partners from grocery, hotel, and flight bookings, insurance, entertainment, and much more!

ABOUT BOUNZ – Reward Apps in Dubai

Top Reward Apps in Dubai, BOUNZ is a free-to-join loyalty program. Users can download a single app to spend and redeem across many brands and services including Travel, Grocery, Jewelry, Entertainment, Electronics, Fashion, and Insurance with more Partners to be announced.

The shopping rewards app creates a seamless browsing experience and allows you to earn rewards both online and in-store.

Earn BOUNZ currencies in just a few simple steps. Residents and visitors to the UAE can use BOUNZ to treat themselves while saving money.





Collect 1 BOUNZ for every 1 AED spent.
Emirates Draw
Draw and Promotions

Emirates Draw

Collect 1 BOUNZ for every 1 AED spent.

Noor Water

Collect 1 BOUNZ for every 1 AED spent.


Collect 5 BOUNZ for every 2 AED spent.
Gulf News

Gulf News

Collect 5 BOUNZ for every 1 AED spent on digital subscriptions.
Al Jaber Optical

Al Jaber Optical

Collect 1 BOUNZ for every 2 AED spent.

Insurance Market

Collect 2,500 BOUNZ only on new insurance spend policy.
Dubai Parks & Resorts

Dubai Parks & Resorts

Collect 4 BOUNZ for every AED spent.


Collect 1 BOUNZ on gold for every 4 AED spent. Collect 1 BOUNZ on diamond for every 1 AED spent.

NEX Courier

Collect 1 BOUNZ for every 1 AED spent.
Gopaldaas Jewellers

Gopaldaas Jeweller

Collect 1 on gold for every 3 AED spent. Collect 2 BOUNZ on diamond for every 1 AED spent.


Collect 1 BOUNZ for every 1 AED spent.


What is BOUNZ?

BOUNZ is a rewards loyalty programme with retail partners in all industries. Customers are encouraged to join the programme and earn BOUNZ on all of their purchases. Members can spend and redeem their BOUNZ points anywhere within the partner network and receive immediate rewards. Get BOUNZ App for more frequent updates and offers

What is Shopping rewards app in UAE?

BOUNZ is a Shopping Reward app in UAE which provides maximum discounts to all its customers with best offers available in UAE

Can I pay in Cash and BOUNZ for my reward?

Yes, you can use BOUNZ to part pay for redemption at our Partners and in the BOUNZ app.

My BOUNZ Transactions was not updated.

When you make a collection or redemption transaction, your BOUNZ balance is usually updated within 48 hours. Depending on our return policy, this could take up to 60 days with some partners. If your balance does not update within 60 days, please contact our helpdesk at 04-506 5353.

When does my BOUNZ expire?

BOUNZ points will expire within 24 months from date of issuance into your account.


How do I register for BOUNZ?

The BOUNZ app is available for download from the ios app and play stores. You will be guided through the registration process once you have downloaded the software. You can also join BOUNZ by registering your mobile phone with one of our Partners at the time of purchase. You will receive an SMS with instructions on how to install the BOUNZ app and complete your registration.

How do I redeem my BOUNZ?

BOUNZ can only be redeem when a customer scans the barcode in the app at checkout. Only BOUNZ can be earned by providing mobile number. Or you can redeem directly on the BOUNZ app for travel products, gift cards and on our eShop.

Do I collect BOUNZ when I make a redemption purchase?

You will earn BOUNZ when you redeem for the cash value you pay on top of the BOUNZ redeemed, during your purchase.

I forgot to claim my BOUNZ at checkout.

If you forgot to give your mobile number to the cashier, you can still claim your BOUNZ by sending us an email to support@BOUNZ.ae attaching a copy of your receipt within 48 hours of transaction date. This will be subject to the respective partner terms & conditions.

I ordered a product from eShop, and it has not been delivered?

If you have a delivery query or returns request for a product you have purchased from our eShop then please contact our helpdesk at 04-506 5353 for further assistance.