5 reasons to refer your friends to BOUNZ this holiday season


5 reasons to refer your friends to BOUNZ

Nothing beats the excitement of shopping at a store, or dining out at restaurants and collecting rewards out of it to save money! We bet you would definitely agree to this. So, what if we tell you that you can earn rewards and save big during this holiday season? Well, spoiler alert! The BOUNZ app lets you have a great time while also saving money on your purchases.

Here are five reasons why you must refer your friends to BOUNZ-

1. It couldn’t be simpler
We take pride in being the most user-friendly rewards app in the industry. Yes, we do! BOUNZ app is literally an user-friendly rewards app, the users simply need to create a profile using their mobile number and collect BOUNZ on every spends across the partner stores.

2. Get tons of rewards
What better than earning huge rewards during the holiday season and your friends are gonna love you for this! BOUNZ app helps you earn tons of rewards during your offline and online spends. Whether it's a fine dine-in experience, or a shopping spree, BOUNZ can be redeemed on all your favourites at the partner stores.

3. Earn across multiple brands
BOUNZ app offers a great chance for everyone to spend across multiple brands
across Dubai. We have more than 19 popular affiliate brands in numerous industries
such as restaurants, resorts, travel, entertainment, jewellery, grocery, news
subscription, water subscription and much more. These brands have stores all over the country and are trusted by all.

4. Unlimited redemption
When you spend money at one partner store and earn BOUNZ points, you can
cross-redeem those points at another partner store without any restrictions. Yes,
there are no limitations when you are earning with the BOUNZ rewards app in Dubai.

5. Your friends will appreciate it
Yes! Your friends are going to appreciate you once you introduce them to the
BOUNZ app, Why? Because the app offers a chance to save a lot of money on your spends at the partner stores. Holiday season is here to bring more joy to the BOUNZ members.

Make holiday season more exciting with BOUNZ
Now that you have the best five reasons to refer the BOUNZ app to your friends,
start referring and make the most of the holiday season. Members get major saving
deals at all the partner stores. Take advantage of the super saver deals in UAE to
earn and redeem BOUNZ. This is the time to make your holidays super fantastic!

Become a BOUNZ member 

Why spend more when you could cut your expenses drastically? People no longer feel the need to download numerous apps at every time. They seek rewards programs that enable them to make purchases from multiple partners as a result.

Spending money on necessities and indulgences can earn rewards with BOUNZ. These rewards programs can be very helpful to customers who routinely make purchases like regular grocery shopping, jewelry purchases, news subscriptions, water subscriptions, amusement parks, dine-in meals, travel, restaurants, and insurance. This is due to the fact that customers can save money by exchanging the points they routinely accrue for discounts or other exclusive offers.

Download & Register

Frequently Asked Questions

BOUNZ app can be downloaded from the app & play store. Once downloaded you will be guided through the registration process. You can also become a member of BOUNZ by registering your mobile phone with one of our Partners at checkout. You will receive an SMS to guide you afterwards to install BOUNZ app and complete your registration process.

BOUNZ can be redeemed by providing your registered mobile number on checkout in a partner outlet. Or you can redeem directly in BOUNZ app for travel products, gift cards and on our eShop.

BOUNZ points will expire within 24 months from date of issuance into your account.