Best deals on Insurance & Investment and get rewarded too!

Now that’s a reward program.

Committed to offering you the best financial solutions our BOUNZ partner, FinBuddys.com ensures that you save money in every decision without compromising on your insurance cover or investment returns. Get the best deals on insurance coverage while you get rewarded too! As a BOUNZ partner, FinBuddys.com commits to rewarding all BOUNZ members with up to 8000 BOUNZ, on their first purchase of all financial services. 

Comprehensive Car Insurance
Earn 2000 BOUNZ*
Third-Party Insurance
Earn 800 BOUNZ*
Life Insurance
Earn 7320 BOUNZ*
Medical Insurance
Earn 2000 BOUNZ*
Credit Card
Earn 8000 BOUNZ*
Earn 8000 BOUNZ*
*Terms and Conditions Apply: BOUNZ will only be earned on purchase of Financial Services initiated through the Quote Request forms above. Direct purchases through FinBuddys.com are not eligible for BOUNZ.
Why Finbuddys.com
1. FinBuddys provides unparalleled customer support and claim management. FinBuddys will keep your interest at heart and guarantee happiness!
2. Buying insurance with FinBuddys is always a quick and friendly experience, so erase all doubts as FinBuddys will deliver the best insurance products at the lowest premiums in the UAE.
3. Finbuddys also has a dedicated service team to ensure that there are no delays in delivery and service at the time of need.
About Finbuddys.com
About FinBuddys: FinBuddys.com is a new-age digital platform designed to help its customers achieve financial freedom and security through expert guidance and best-in-market products. Our team of FinBuddys are domain experts and seasoned professionals who are skilled and qualified to help you choose the most suitable insurance and financial products. Our goal is to make ‘achieving financial freedom and financial security’ simple and accessible to all.