Hand-made beauty indulgence with BOMB Cosmetics

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Hand-made beauty indulgence with BOMB Cosmetics

BOMB Cosmetics creates skin-friendly products with the utmost love for the skin. Sticking to their motto of offering natural beauty, bath, skincare, and home fragrance products, all their products are hand-made with eco-friendly ingredients. They are the second-largest bath bomb manufacturer in the world, with more than ten years of expertise in skincare.

BOMB Cosmetics believes in the power of essential oils and has inculcated the benefits to all its products. Essential oils are extracted from plants, flowers, and fruit, these oils are tiny gifts from mother nature. They can calm the soul and are loaded with magic to elevate or improve your mood.

You will love their products, browse from a wide range of bath bombs, bath salts, soaps, shower mixers, shower gels, lip care, and body butter, along with a huge variety of candles under the home fragrance category.

Currently, they are striving to replace biodegradable glitters with sanding sugars and mica to become even more environmentally friendly. They think that neither people nor the environment, nor animals, should pay the price for our comforts. Hence, they take great delight in producing products that look stunning and feel excellent on your skin in addition to being entirely handmade.

What makes BOMB Cosmetics so appealing

BOMB Cosmetics has always been true to its commitment to offering the best products in the market, they are known for giving top-notch natural and handcrafted beauty indulgences, check out how BOMB Cosmetics is literally a bomb brand for the shoppers:

Vegan-friendly ingredients 

Make conscious choices every time you shop from BOMB Cosmetics, they have been breaking stereotypes by choosing to deliver absolute vegan products to the customers. All of their soaps, 99% of candles, potted, and bottled products, and many of our blasters, creamers, and mallows, are appropriate for vegans.

Cruelty-free choices

Animal testing is a big NO with BOMB Cosmetics, and that’s what we love about them! All BOMB Products are cruelty free and they have strict policies for the same.

We have never tested any of our ingredients or completed goods on animals and will never do so. We also do not use a third party to act on our behalf. Even though we’d love to expand our Bomb family beyond the 72 nations we presently ship to, we steadfastly decline to include any nations that have laws requiring animal experimentation.

100% handmade products

All of the products at BOMB Cosmetics are 100% handmade. They are created by talented crafters who ensure that every product is unique and ultimately flawless in its small way by molding, mixing, rolling, and piping everything totally by hand. Even the patterns on the wrapping paper and the decorations on the blasters are handmade.


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