How can you earn while you shop in Dubai?

rewards and offers
rewards and offers


Dubai is the home to many global luxurious brands that provide top-notch products. The Emirates offers a wide range of shopping opportunities  and rewards offers for both locals and visitors, whether they are looking for fashion, jewellery, entertainment, or everyday necessities.

The city has many high-end elites who love to spend money on numerous luxury items, brands, or activities.

Dubai has a diverse population of both elites and expats. Being an elite in the country is quite rewarding but when you are an expat it is better to have your spending planned. The best way to do is using an all-rounder shopping rewards app that gives you the chance to earn and save money while you shop.

How to earn while you shop in Dubai?

Do you want to make your shopping fun and worthwhile? Now you can earn while shopping in Dubai. Simply download the BOUNZ reward app that offers the best loyalty rewards bonus program in Dubai. When you shop across our partner stores, you get to earn BOUNZ points and later redeem them at any of our affiliate partners.

With a shopping application like BOUNZ Loyalty Bonus App, life is simple. With your collected BOUNZ points, you can save on next purchases.  All of your lifestyle needs, such as groceries, clothing, jewellery, insurance services, and much more, can be found there in one convenient rewards app. To get the most out of your shopping in the UAE, download the app right away.

Where to shop – Our Partners

Want to know more about our partners? Here’s a list of our major affiliates across the Emirates-

  1. Choithrams

Choithrams is a well-known brand of groceries. They provide a wide variety of grocery products, as well as premium fresh food, dairy products, and other necessities. When you use BOUNZ to make the payment, you can make it much more lucrative because you may accumulate and use BOUNZ  points with each transaction.

* Collect 1 BOUNZ for every 1 AED spent.

  1. Al Jaber Optical

Al Jaber Optical offers a comprehensive assortment of eyeglasses and optical services through a wide range of modern optical products. You can shop for exceptional services like specialized eye exams together with quality vision care products, fashionable eyewear and optical frames, prescription contact lenses, and optical accessories. With the BOUNZ app, get the newest in optics while earning rewards.

* Collect 1 BOUNZ for every 2 AED spent.

  1. Gulf News

To keep up with the most recent news in the UAE, Gulf News is the right choice. Readers are required to join up for a monthly or yearly membership under the new digital subscription model that has been implemented. You can use BOUNZ points to redeem for every subscription you buy thanks to the collaboration between BOUNZ and Gulf News.

* Collect 5 BOUNZ for every 1 AED spent on digital subscriptions.

  1. Joyalukkas

Are you searching for some premium statement jewellery that complements every ensemble while also making you stand out from the crowd? Earn thrilling BOUNZ rewards when you shop at Joyalukkas. When you purchase with a Joyalukkas coupon, you may enjoy the best discounts on some incredible jewellery.

* Collect 1 BOUNZ on gold for every 4 AED spent. Collect 1 BOUNZ on diamond for every 1 AED spent.

  1. Insurance Market.ae

Finding the best insurance for you, your family, or your company at the lowest prices has never been simpler. Download the BOUNZ app to make your insurance purchase with them more rewarding by accruing and redeeming BOUNZ points.

* Collect 2,500 BOUNZ only on new insurance spend policy.

  1. Gopaldaas Jewellers

A leader in beautiful diamond jewellery in the UAE. They provide exquisite and innovative diamond jewellery designs. When you shop with the BOUNZ app, you can find some amazing jewellery at the lowest costs.

* Collect 1 on gold for every 3 AED spent. Collect 2 BOUNZ on diamond for every 1 AED spent.

  1. Dubai Parks & Resorts

Dubai Parks and Resorts is the first integrated resort destination in the Emirates.  It is also the home of exciting attractions including motion gates, water slides, Bollywood-themed parks, boutique hotels, and Legoland water parks. You can save money by purchasing the tickets through the BOUNZ rewards app.

* Collect 4 BOUNZ for every AED spent.

  1. Noor Water

Do you think it’s possible to save money on something as basic as water? Yes! Thanks to the BOUNZ rewards app, it is now feasible. Pure mineral water that will soothe your senses and keep you hydrated all day is available at Noor Water. Using the BOUNZ app, where you collect points for each purchase made, and redeem later.

* Collect 1 BOUNZ for every 1 AED spent.

  1. NEX Courier

NEX Courier is a top shipping company in the Emirates. They make your deliveries quickly and provide the best logistics services. You have the option to use NEX courier to make payments using the BOUNZ rewards app.

* Collect 1 BOUNZ for every 1 AED spent.

  1. Masafi

The purest drinking water, the freshest juices, healthful foods, hygiene kits, and much more are all available from Masafi. Using the BOUNZ app, you can purchase their incredible products and earn BOUNZ points that can be redeemed later.

* Collect 1 BOUNZ for every 1 AED spent.

  1. Marhaba

No matter your airline or class of travel, unwind in luxury in one of our top-notch airport lounge partners. They have welcoming, serene havens that are the perfect spot to unwind, eat, or finish up some work while traveling.

* Collect 5 BOUNZ for every 2 AED spent.

  1. Emirates Draw

Emirates Draw is a fantastic opportunity to win wonderful rewards every time you get lucky. Downloading the BOUNZ app will increase the excitement as you get to earn more while saving.


* Collect 1 BOUNZ for every 1 AED spent.

Shop and Earn with the BOUNZ loyalty bonus app

BOUNZ is an appealing rewards app that both residents and visitors can use to earn and save money instantly. BOUNZ is the best time- and money-saving loyalty bonus program in the UAE, offering significant discounts on products from many industries.

The benefit of signing up with BOUNZ is that you can shop at a variety of its partner stores. It is advantageous to download an app like BOUNZ that provides amazing money saving deals at a number of UAE retailers and is available both online and offline.

Sign up with BOUNZ to get more benefits from your purchases. Download the app right away to start shopping and earning rewards.


  1. How can you register for the BOUNZ app?

The iOS app store and Google Play both offer the BOUNZ app for free download. As soon as you install the app, instructions will walk you through the registration process. By registering your mobile device with one of our partners at the time of purchase, you can also join BOUNZ.

  1. How can you redeem BOUNZ?

BOUNZ be redeemed only when a user scans the barcode in the app at checkout.  However, you can also redeem BOUNZ by simply providing a cell phone number.

  1. What if you forgot your mobile phone?

No issues, even if you forget your mobile phone you can earn and redeem BOUNZ points by giving your registered phone number.

  1. Do BOUNZ points expire?

Yes, within 24 months of the date of issuance into your account, BOUNZ points will expire.

  1. Where can you check your BOUNZ balance?

Your BOUNZ balance will be visible in the top right corner of the app’s home screen when you first launch it. On the My Account page, you can also view your balance and transaction information.



Download & Register

Frequently Asked Questions

BOUNZ app can be downloaded from the app & play store. Once downloaded you will be guided through the registration process. You can also become a member of BOUNZ by registering your mobile phone with one of our Partners at checkout. You will receive an SMS to guide you afterwards to install BOUNZ app and complete your registration process.

BOUNZ can be redeemed by providing your registered mobile number on checkout in a partner outlet. Or you can redeem directly in BOUNZ app for travel products, gift cards and on our eShop.

BOUNZ points will expire within 24 months from date of issuance into your account.