How will BOUNZ help you save in raising Dubai prices?

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Dubai has been one of those cities that has come a long way from mere deserts to tall sky scrappers, and world-class infrastructure. The city is one of the best Emirates in the UAE to live and work. It is the leading hub of global businesses, shopping malls, big brands, resorts, boutique hotels, and much more. The Dubai Mall is the biggest shopping center in the world with more than 1000 retailers, offers everything you wish to shop for.

How can we forget about the famous ‘Burj Khalifa’, the world’s tallest building at more than 800 meters. Dubai is the paradise of the UAE. It even has a collection of artificial islands of its own. The city is opulent in every way and people of UAE love to spend and live in a luxury.

However, with the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, things got a little messy and the cost of living got higher with the rise in oil prices. UAE citizens are adapting their buying patterns to keep up with change as a result of global inflation, which has increased the cost of an array of products and services.

How about we tell you that you can save huge money on your essentials and lifestyles with a shopping rewards app? Yes! You read that right, BOUNZ app is the answer to your problem of saving earning rewards and saving more money.

Know all about BOUNZ - the best shopping rewards app in the UAE

Why spend more when you may significantly reduce your daily expenses? Yes, it is about time you started using a reliable rewards app such as BOUNZ to lighten your financial load. Start saving with BOUNZ, the first multi-brand savings rewards app in the country. You may instantly earn rewards when shopping or eating at your favorite restaurants thanks to the app’s partnerships with over 19 affiliate stores across UAE.

The BOUNZ rewards app elevates your shopping experience. The app provides many advantages that are applicable to a wide range of businesses, including jewellery, fashion, entertainment, travel, hotels, insurance, water subscriptions, and much more.

Why do you need the BOUNZ app to save the rising prices?

BOUNZ is the best time and money-saving shopping rewards app in the UAE, offering you significant discounts on products from many industries, including jewellery and water subscriptions, which imply the essential essentials. The best thing is that you may invest in your assets while earning points and saving money on jewellery purchases.


Let us checkout the five major advantages of the app. We bet you will not get anywhere else-


  1. Earn and redeem points at multiple brands

The benefit of signing up with BOUNZ is that you can shop at a variety of its partner stores. Downloading an app like BOUNZ, which offers fantastic savings at a number of brands in the UAE that are available both online and offline, is beneficial.

  1. Works for both locals and visitors

BOUNZ is a unique rewards app that works well for both UAE citizens and visitors who are visiting the country to have fun or go shopping.

  1. There are no limitations while redeeming the points

When you spend money at one partner store and earn BOUNZ points, you can cross-redeem those points at another partner store without any restrictions.

  1. Operates even without a phone

When making payments, BOUNZ allows you to pay and earn using your registered phone number, and the points you earn are immediately credited to your account even if you do not have your mobile device with you.

  1. One app for the whole family

Any member of your family can use and redeem the points you have accumulated in your BOUNZ account from a single account. Every member of the family can use their accumulated points to shop and save additional money.

So how does BOUNZ work?

Every time you shop with one of our partners, you can earn and spend reward points. Earn BOUNZ for every dirham you spend and redeem them for immediate savings at the partner stores anywhere in the country. Due to its free installation and no minimum redemption requirement, it is the best rewards program in the UAE.

  1. The first step is simply download the BOUNZ app that is available for both Android and iOS users. The app is free to download.
  2. The next step is to sign up for the app. Register using your mobile number and customize it to suit your needs.
  3. Start earning BOUNZ points and redeem for rewards. BOUNZ allows for redemption across all of its affiliates.
  4. BOUNZ points are collected every time you make a transaction at a partner store. Customers receive points that can be redeemed at other partner stores when they make purchases at one of our partner retailers.

Here is a list of our popular partner companies

  • Choithrams
  • Masafi
  • Bistro Des Arts
  • Emirates Draw
  • Gulf News
  • Joyalukkas
  • Menakart
  • Reform Social & Grill
  • Dubai Parks & Resorts
  • Al Jaber Opticals
  • Insurance Market
  • Marhaba
  • NEX Courier
  • Noor Water
  • FinBuddys
  • uDare
  • Ultra Brasserie
  • Groene Point

Let’s take up an example to get a clear picture of how the BOUNZ rewards offer works-

For example, you can earn 100 BOUNZ by visiting Choithrams and checking in through the app. You can also earn 100 BOUNZ by visiting the website through the app for various partners. So, before you start spending, start earning rewards.

Furthermore, BOUNZ earn rates vary by the partner; for example, at Choithrams, AED 1 = 1 BOUNZ. Alternatively, every new insurance purchase at InsuranceMarket.ae earns you 2,500 BOUNZ. Members can instantly redeem their BOUNZ and use it as part of a cash payment because there is no minimum spend requirement.

Users can use the BOUNZ app to book flights and redeem points for every Dirham spent. While earning BOUNZ on your flight reservations, you can also earn miles. As a result, your BOUNZ purchase has two benefits.

Similarly, you will be able to earn BOUNZ rewards offers on your hotel bookings as well as loyalty points from the hotel where you may already be a member, making BOUNZ the most rewarding and richest loyalty program.


  1. How can you register for the BOUNZ app?

The iOS app store and Google Play both offer the BOUNZ app for free download. As soon as you install the app, instructions will walk you through the registration process. By registering your mobile device with one of our partners at the time of purchase, you can also join BOUNZ.

  1. How can you redeem BOUNZ points?

BOUNZ points can be redeemed only when a user scans the barcode in the app at checkout. However, you can also redeem BOUNZ points by simply providing your mobile phone number.

  1. What if you forgot your mobile phone?

No issues, even if you forget your mobile phone you can earn and redeem BOUNZ points by giving your registered phone number.

  1. Do BOUNZ points expire?

Yes, within 24 months of the date of issuance into your account, BOUNZ points will expire.

  1. Where can you check your BOUNZ balance?

Your BOUNZ balance will be visible in the top right corner of the app’s home screen when you first launch it. On the My Account page, you can also view your balance and transaction information.

Download & Register

Frequently Asked Questions

BOUNZ app can be downloaded from the app & play store. Once downloaded you will be guided through the registration process. You can also become a member of BOUNZ by registering your mobile phone with one of our Partners at checkout. You will receive an SMS to guide you afterwards to install BOUNZ app and complete your registration process.

BOUNZ can be redeemed by providing your registered mobile number on checkout in a partner outlet. Or you can redeem directly in BOUNZ app for travel products, gift cards and on our eShop.

BOUNZ points will expire within 24 months from date of issuance into your account.