Proof That LOYALTY REWARDS SEVICES Is Exactly What You Are Looking For!

Loyalty rewards services
loyalty rewards services

loyalty rewards services

Nowadays, we are all looking for brands that will reward us with loyalty and help us save money in today’s world. One such app is BOUNZ. It offers one of the most popular loyalty rewards services and it allows you to save money while also receiving additional benefits. You can earn rewards while shopping for necessities by using this app. As a result, we can meet not only your needs but also give you all kinds of saving deals. We make it easy for you to earn instant rewards for everything you buy at our partner stores.

Loyalty rewards services

With loyalty rewards services you get a lot of great deals while you are out shopping, traveling, movies, groceries and much more. Customers who use loyalty rewards services earn points for their transactions, or visits, which they can then redeem for prizes. They receive immediate rewards while shopping, and the funds are available to spend whenever they choose to convert their points to cash at a store.

Choose BOUNZ for exciting loyalty rewards services

BOUNZ’s loyalty rewards services are designed to help you redeem some of the best offers while you are shopping across any of our partners. BOUNZ app is user-friendly for customers and offers great deals in stores across the UAE. By using the BOUNZ app to pay for groceries, lifestyle, jewellery, and much more from the UAE’s most popular international brands, you can save a lot of money on everyday shopping.

BOUNZ app is a loyalty rewards service that works with a variety of brands across the country. Customers are encouraged to participate in the program and earn BOUNZ with each purchase. Members receive immediate benefits when they spend and redeem BOUNZ points at any partner location. Even if you forget your password, you can still collect at Partner stores using your registered phone number, ensuring that you never miss out on your BOUNZ loyalty rewards services in the UAE.


Bounz rewards can be earned with just a few simple steps.  Residents and visitors to the UAE can use BOUNZ to pamper themselves and save money while on vacation. We work with some of the most well-known brands to ensure that your BOUNZ continues to grow and that you can redeem in the future. It’s an easy-to-use app that helps residents and visitors save money while also providing instant AED redemption.


BOUNZ is the country’s newest and most innovative customer loyalty rewards service app.  Collect and spend BOUNZ with our Partners for a rewarding life! Download the app and create an account in seconds by entering your phone number; complete your profile and select your interests. BOUNZ can be obtained by making regular purchases, interacting with our partners online and in person, and even referring to others.


Wrapping up

Sign up with BOUNZ for loyalty rewards services in the UAE and enjoy your purchases even more because we believe you deserve rewards for your brand loyalty. With each purchase, we show our appreciation for you.


Now is the time to sign up and start earning points and shopping for the things you want. Live a rewarding life. Get started right away!

Download & Register

Frequently Asked Questions

BOUNZ app can be downloaded from the app & play store. Once downloaded you will be guided through the registration process. You can also become a member of BOUNZ by registering your mobile phone with one of our Partners at checkout. You will receive an SMS to guide you afterwards to install BOUNZ app and complete your registration process.

BOUNZ can be redeemed by providing your registered mobile number on checkout in a partner outlet. Or you can redeem directly in BOUNZ app for travel products, gift cards and on our eShop.

BOUNZ points will expire within 24 months from date of issuance into your account.