BOUNZ: UAE Super App that is a must-have

Referral Programs by BOUNZ
Referral Programs by BOUNZ

Referral Programs by BOUNZ

UAE is amongst the top destinations for shopping, leisure, fine-dining hotels, resorts, cafes, and everything lavish. The residents love to have a good time as the lifestyle in the country permits an ultra luxurious way of life. People like to spend their weekends in an extravagant manner at the malls, resorts, hotels, desert safari and much more.

The UAE is a growing hub for several well-known international brands. The diversified population of the Emirates is constantly searching for distinctive and excellent shopping opportunities that will meet their demands on a daily basis. With the opening of well-known establishments in every sector, the nation is becoming into a shoppers’ paradise.

However, the spending patterns are fluctuating in recent times with the ongoing situation between the Russia-Ukraine war. The fuel prices have risen drastically in the UAE. Experts say that the prices have jumped over 12% in July from the previous month this year.(* Khaleej Times). As a result, the price of everything has gone up, including essentials and other daily commodities including food and water. People are looking for ways to lessen the burdens on the pockets.

What is the hack to save money on everyday shopping?

Why spend more when you may significantly reduce your daily expenses? Yes, it’s the perfect time when you must start using some fantastic digital reward apps to lighten your financial load. People today don’t feel the need to download several apps every time, thus they are searching for a reward apps that allow them to shop across multiple partners.

This is where the BOUNZ referral programs app comes into the picture. BOUNZ lets you earn and save more on everyday shopping and other luxury spending. Consumers who frequently make repeat purchases, such as regular grocery shopping, jewellery purchases, news subscriptions, water subscriptions, amusement parks, dine-in meals, travel, and insurance, can benefit immensely from such rewards apps because the points they regularly accumulate can be redeemed for discounts or other special offers, allowing them to save money.

BOUNZ is an instant reward app that is developed in the UAE and works both for locals and visitors. You can earn and use reward points each time you make a purchase from one of their partners. For every dirham you spend, earn BOUNZ, which you can then use to make immediate savings.

It is the best digital rewards app in the UAE because the sign-up process is completely free and there is no minimum redemption requirement. BOUNZ has collaborations with over 18 popular brands across all niches, including Choithrams, Emirates Draw, Joyalukkas, Al Jaber Optics, Gulf News, Elevate Trips, Reform Social Bar & Grill, Ultra Brasserie restaurant, Bistro Des Art restaurant, amongst many others.


Who are the affiliate partners of BOUNZ in the UAE?

  • Choithrams
  • Masafi
  • Bistro Des Arts
  • Emirates Draw
  • Gulf News
  • Joyalukkas
  • Menakart
  • Reform Social & Grill
  • Dubai Parks & Resorts
  • Al Jaber Opticals
  • Insurance Market
  • Marhaba
  • NEX Courier
  • Noor Water
  • Finbuddys
  • uDare
  • Ultra Brasserie
  • Groene Point


What are the benefits offered by BOUNZ you can’t miss out on?

BOUNZ referral program app is the best time- and money-saving shopping rewards program in the UAE, offering significant discounts on products from many industries, including jewellery and water subscriptions, which are essential commodities. The best thing is that you may invest in your assets while earning points and saving money on jewellery purchases.

  1. Points can be redeemed without limits

When you spend money at one partner store and earn BOUNZ points, you can cross-redeem those points at another partner store without any restrictions.

  1. Allows you to add multiple profiles

You can add several profiles, including those of your family, and friends to the BOUNZ app. Additionally, when you add other people’s profiles to the app, the points you have accrued in your account can be redeemed by any of the profile holders.

  1. Free download

Once you sign up, using BOUNZ is absolutely free. Both iOS and Android smartphones support the software, which is available for free download. Many BOUNZ members use this great software on a daily basis in the UAE for shopping, lifestyle, grocery, jewellery, entertainment, and many other things.

  1. Serves both locals and visitors

BOUNZ is a unique rewards app that works well for both UAE citizens and visitors who are visiting the nation for a vacation or are on a shopping binge.

  1. Collect points from various brands

The benefit of signing up with BOUNZ is that you can shop at a variety of its partner stores. It is advantageous to download an app like BOUNZ that provides savings at a number of UAE brands that are available both online and offline.

  1. Can be used without a phone

BOUNZ allows you to pay and earn using your registered phone number and the points can be collected even if you are not carrying your mobile device with you at the time.

Spend less and save more with BOUNZ

The BOUNZ rewards app is the only app in the UAE that works best across all industries. The  referral program offered by BOUNZ not only offers a convenient way to make shopping fun, but also a great way to accumulate and use points.

We work with the top brands in the UAE to ensure that you always receive the finest savings opportunities. BOUNZ is an innovative reward program that both residents and visitors may use to save money and receive immediate benefits.

Sign up right away to start shopping and earning rewards.

Let’s take up an example to get a clear picture of how the BOUNZ rewards offer works-

For example, you can earn 100 BOUNZ by visiting Choithrams and checking in through the app. You can also earn 100 BOUNZ by visiting the website through the app for various partners. So, before you start spending, start earning rewards.

Furthermore, BOUNZ earn rates vary by the partner; for example, at Choithrams, AED 1 = 1 BOUNZ. Alternatively, every new insurance purchase at InsuranceMarket.ae earns you 2,500 BOUNZ. Members can instantly redeem their BOUNZ and use it as part of a cash payment because there is no minimum spend requirement.

Users can use the BOUNZ app to book flights and redeem points for every Dirham spent. While earning BOUNZ on your flight reservations, you can also earn miles. As a result, your BOUNZ purchase has two benefits.

Similarly, you will be able to earn BOUNZ rewards offers on your hotel bookings as well as loyalty points from the hotel where you may already be a member, making BOUNZ the most rewarding and richest loyalty program.


  1. How can you register for the BOUNZ app?

The iOS app store and Google Play both offer the BOUNZ app for free download. As soon as you install the app, instructions will walk you through the registration process. By registering your mobile device with one of our partners at the time of purchase, you can also join BOUNZ.

  1. How can you redeem BOUNZ?

BOUNZ be redeemed only when a user scans the barcode in the app at checkout.  However, you can also redeem BOUNZ by simply providing a cell phone number

  1. Can my family or relatives out of UAE benefit from my membership with BOUNZ?.

Yes, you can use the BOUNZ app for your family and friends who are in the UAE for a vacation. You just need to add their profiles in the app. When you add other people’s profiles to the app, any of the profile holders can use the points you have accumulated in your account.

  1. What if you forgot your mobile phone?

No issues, even if you forget your mobile phone you can earn and redeem BOUNZ points by giving your registered phone number.

  1. Do BOUNZ points expire?

Yes, within 24 months of the date of issuance into your account, BOUNZ points will expire.

  1. Where can you check your BOUNZ balance?

Your BOUNZ balance will be visible in the top right corner of the app’s home screen when you first launch it. On the My Account page, you can also view your balance and transaction information.

Download & Register

Frequently Asked Questions

BOUNZ app can be downloaded from the app & play store. Once downloaded you will be guided through the registration process. You can also become a member of BOUNZ by registering your mobile phone with one of our Partners at checkout. You will receive an SMS to guide you afterwards to install BOUNZ app and complete your registration process.

BOUNZ can be redeemed by providing your registered mobile number on checkout in a partner outlet. Or you can redeem directly in BOUNZ app for travel products, gift cards and on our eShop.

BOUNZ points will expire within 24 months from date of issuance into your account.