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One cannot escape the scorching temperatures of Dubai, with the sun shining
brightly in the afternoons. The city experiences beautiful winters and what some would describe as unwelcoming summers due to its extreme climate. It considerably increases the risk of many concerns such as excessive dehydration, heat strokes, exhaustion, etc.

When the body loses more water than it takes in, it becomes dehydrated and is unable to carry out its regular daily tasks. Even a small amount of dehydration can be harmful to the body. When the body becomes dehydrated, normal body temperature, which is regulated by water, is also impacted. Dehydration frequently results in a dry mouth as well; less water in the body causes the salivary glands to produce less saliva, which encourages the growth of bacteria. The first thing you must do to prevent dehydration increases your fluid intake. Increasing your fluid consumption is one of the best methods to remain hydrated in the summer in Dubai. Try and make it a habit to drink a full glass of water as soon as you wake up every morning to keep active and healthy during hot, and sunny days. Drinking water early in the morning as well as throughout the day is one of the best summertime strategies for staying hydrated. It helps the body rehydrate, and improves overall body functions.

But the major point comes down to the quality of the water you drink and it is an essential issue to take into account when ordering packaged drinking water for your house. However, the vital factor is choosing the right brand for your gut health.

Stay hydrated in Dubai summers with Masafi

During the heat in the UAE, drinking a lot of water is necessary to stay hydrated. But
what if we tell you that you can now enjoy every sip of your water with ease? Yes,
that is now possible with the amazing water range from the leading beverage brand
in Dubai.

Masafi was founded in 1977, and since then it has maintained its market dominance
by offering top-tier products of quality that are renowned for their unadulterated
natural freshness. Masafi's extensive product line includes pure packaged drinking
water including alkaline water, sodium-free water, and pure deep-earth water.
It is a premier brand that meets customer needs. Masafi has always been concerned
with the environment and is willing to go above and beyond for a better today for the
people and society.

How can the BOUNZ app help you save money with Masafi?

We bet you must not have heard of any rewards app in Dubai that allows you to earn huge shopping rewards while buying necessities such as drinking water. But now it’s possible with the BOUNZ app.

The BOUNZ rewards app is a valuable loyalty program that enables locals and
visitors to spend less while saving more. It is a terrific way to get shopping points while purchasing daily necessities such as packaged drinking water in the excessive heat of Dubai. So how does the BOUNZ app let you earn shopping points when you choose to shop at Masafi?
● When you shop at Masafi with the BOUNZ app, you can collect 1 BOUNZ
point for every 1 AED spent.


What is express delivery with Masafi?

If you are in Dubai or Abu Dhabi then there’s great news for you! Now, get your products delivered in just 3 hours. You heard that right! Masafi has started its express delivery which can be achieved by paying an additional fee of just AED 5. You can order your essentials from Monday to Saturday between 8 am to 4 pm. It’s that easy!



1. Does express delivery from Masafi work everywhere?
The Masafi express delivery works in Dubai and Abu Dhabi where you can get your orders in just 3 hours, by paying just an additional fee of AED 5.

2. How beneficial is the alkalife water from Masafi?
You must try the alkalife water from Masafi as it has a refreshing taste, has healthy electrolytes that help maintain your health, and boosts faster hydration.

3. What is Masafi majorly popular for?
Masafi is a major brand in the UAE that is very popular for its pure packaged drinking water that comes in a large variety and packaging for every

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